Susan Gelt-Garcia Statement

I have loved art and creating art my entire life. As a child, I was either drawing or I was painting. As a mother of 6, I taught my children to love and appreciate art, artists and art history. I am primarily a self-taught artist, however, I have had the good fortune to study from time to time under a few, very accomplished, professional artists. I mostly work with acrylics and occasionally water based oils and often incorporate mixed media; adding various textures, lines, images, and script. Always with lots of color!

I am a prophetic artist and as I create I connect to the Presence of God. In His presence, I allow myself to be still and listen. I express through paint what I sense the Holy Spirit is saying or doing in the atmosphere. Is He coming as a lion? Is He riding a horse through the earth? Is He crowning us with love or beauty? Are there angels at work? I connect, I listen and I paint.

I am drawn to color, light and beauty and often produce colorful energetic paintings. I love to learn and grow and experiment with new techniques. My art is always changing. The imagery and designs are as new and fresh as the living energy of the spirit realm

I hope that the viewer will encounter the Holy Spirit in my art. As they do, I trust they will be healed, encouraged in His love, or in some way touched in their soul from the beauty of His presence.